Buddha sakyamuni, Lan Na, XVIth century, Thailand


Period:Lan Na, XVIth century



This is a protrait of the Buddha sakyamuni (the historical buddha) seated in sattvasana on a lotus throne. His right hand in bhumisparsa mudra (hanging downward, "touching" the earth, symbolizing Buddha’s enlightenment under the bodhi tree when he summoned the earth goddess Sthavara to bear witness to his enlightenment) and his left hand in dhyana mudra (a gesture of meditation).

He is wearing a sanghati with long sash, his ear lobes are elongated by the weight of the jewellery he weared as a prince. His face is portrayed with serene expression with downcast eyes, under arched eyebrows.

Note the presence of an ancient restoration in the neck.

Collection R. Van de Kerkhof, The Netherlands