Dong Son culture Vase


Period:Dong Son culture, IInd century BC - Ist century AD, can also be attached to Nam Viêt or Giao Chi period (IV-IIIrd century BC)



This exceptional large Dong Son vase can be attached to the begining of the Nam Viêt or Giao Chi period (IV-IIIrd century BC).

It is a very fine example of the Dong Son culture production, to be compared to a similar vase in the Barbier Mueller collection (inv. 2505-14, published in Le profane et le divin, arts de l’Antiquité. Fleurons du musée Barbier-Mueller, musée Barbier-Mueller & Hazan (éd.), 2008 : p. 441.).

Such vases sometimes appear in the representation of warships, together with men wearing feathers, bronze drums, under platforms, side by side with scenes of archery, etc...