XV-XVIth century thai buddha


Period:XV-XVIth century



This is an image of the historic buddha Sakyamuni, [the enlightened One], usual title given to the founder of Buddhism. He is also called the Tathagata [he who has come thus], Bhagavat [the Lord], and Sugata [well-gone]. He probably lived from 563 to 483 B.C.

This figure have been casted in the Lan Na kingdom period (XV-XVIth century, Thailand).

Seated in vajrasana, his left hand rest in his lap and his right performs the bhumisparsamudra. With this gesture he calls the earth to witness his victory over Mara, who was the last obstacle in his attainment of perfection.

Rising from the crown of his head is a finial-topped ushnisa, the symbol denoting his wisdom.

His elongated earlobes stretched by the weight of princely jewellery in his earlier life reflect his royal origins.