Bikaner school image of a prince, 1780


Period:Bikaner school, 1780

Media:Gouache on paper


This painting shows the portrait of a prince.

The most important of Bikaner in the field of art has been its miniaturised paintings. An illustration of the art can be found on the walls and ceilings of Junagarh fort, and inside the cenotaphs of the erstwhile rulers of Bikaner. Its rich craftsmanship was greatly influenced by the Mughals and many Mughal painters were encouraged to attend the court at Bikaner.

In fact the Mughal influence on the Rajputs, led to a new style of painting: the royal portrait. Bikaner because of its intimate relations with the Mughals was one of the first schools to adopt this style.

Collection Miog, The Netherlands

Painting in good condition, framed.

Please note: discoloration on picture are due to light reflection on the glass, not to fading of the painting itself.